Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays Furry Friends!

We celebrate Christmas and went to visit the grandmamas & grandpapa and all of our family. (a note from Momma: We were happy to stay lower key so we could look after any changes with Penny's health)

MamaB & PapaJ were first. Auntie Jessie flew in from New York and we all hung out around the Christmas tree singing carols. Dad played the guitar and banjo while we ran around on Momma&Auntie. Okay, so we mostly chilled and cuddled. Here are some pictures:

Then we opened pressies and ran through the tree looking for the pickle.

Then it was off on the crazy roads to MamaK's. She was nervous about us being out of our cage long especially because our cousins like to help us get in troubles. We did get out a bit to play on each of our cousin's shoulders, say hello to the gang, and find the pickle on MamaK's tree but none of us took any pictures while we were out.
(Thelma here with a side note: we didn't want to play too much because Penny started to get really tired and we made a little cuddle nest out of one of dad's shirts to chill out in and rest.)

We hope your holidays with pawrents were wonderful too!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sad News

I had an appointment at the vet today after Mom & Dad found a big lump on my belly by my back leg. It came up really quickly. I didn't have it on the weekend but was feeling yucky enough to curl up right away on Momma's lap for a nap on Sunday afternoon to watch Ratatouille with Thelma.

I've been progressively more tired and taking more naps and it has been harder to get enough air in my lungs. Thelma and I have spent more one-on-one time nervous about my to-be visit to Dr. Cynthia.

Today Dr. Cynthia discovered that my lump was a mammary tumor. She also thinks that it might be helping along a problem with my heart and making me take my quick breaths. Momma & Poppa decided to take me home and let me continue my queen-like lifestyle and cuddle with Thelma until the tumor effected the quality of my life.

I just thought it was right to let my bloggy pals know what was going on.

Keep me in your thoughts,
Penny Lane