Saturday, February 13, 2010

Save the Haitian Rats!

Magill here,

Now that I've settled into Rat Manor, I'm spearheading my latest campaign.

Like most rats, I've have been very concerned about the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. While I know what's happened to the people has been terrible, I'm also worried that no one is helping out the thousands of animals that have suffered because of this disaster.

To attempt to spur interest and do everything we can, the ladies and I have put together a care package of food and money to help Haitian animals (except the cats).

We sent Momma and Poppa to the store with a very specific list for our care package. They were nice enough to bring back some treats for us, but since we're volunteers, I don't think you can consider that a bribe.

Here we are inspecting the donations.

You can donate directly through the International Association for Animal Welfare

Or the World Society For the Protection of Animals

Both organizations allow donors to give directly to animal welfare in Haiti.

My sisters and I would like to dedicate our efforts to the memory of PennyLane & Thelma. We encourage all of our friends, furry and otherwise, to at least take a look at what you can do for Haiti in this time of need.

Love and Peas,

The Dumbolinas

Monday, February 1, 2010

We Have a Fourth

Eleanor here,

Rat Manor is back up to full capacity now that Mama and Papa brought home our newest sister, Magill (but she calls herself Lil).

She came to our home on January 23rd, 2010(from the same breeder as my older sisters Thelma and Penny) and got a private cage to herself the first two weeks after arriving, just to make sure she was healthy. Lucy, Prudence and I were left waiting and wondering about this new creature living in the other room, but eventually we all moved in together.

We've noticed that Magill reminds us a lot of her older sister Thelma... at least when she's sitting still. Not only to they have similar coloring (they may actually be real sisters since they came from the same breeder), but she also enjoys her quiet time snuggling with mama and papa, which is much different than most young rats.

Magill is pretty mellow when she's on her own, but this relaxed state ends when her sisters Lucy and Prudence are around to encourage crazy behavior. Lucy, Prudence and Magill now spend a large portion of their days running up and down rat manor and wrestling with each other. Being the oldest, I frown on this type of behavior now that I am a young adult, but we still end the days cuddled up together in our cardboard box.

As you can see, it's a pretty tight knit family.

It's a crazy family, but what can I say, it's my family. There's been some loss, a lot of new additions and a ton of adjustment, but in the end, we're just a bunch of crazy rats.

Welcome Magill!

(Peas Out!)