Sunday, July 20, 2008


Thelma again!

Just wanting to tell you that Poppa is great!! He has been creating great setups for us to climb, crawl, hide, and come out for treats! It started when Momma brought a banana box home and he let us run around in that. He keeps mentioning all these great additions he is going to work on, but Poppa is a busy guy.

I tried the easy way out

Penny was trying to climb over the top

Remember, this box is just the beginning.... Stay tuned!

Love and Peas

Thelma (and the Pen-ster)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hey-o! Thelma here to tell you about a fun new accessory in our home!

So Poppa went out and got us this great hammock. We were so used to cuddling up with eachother that we were confused at how this whole operation would work. From the moment I braved stepping in I have been a huge fan. Penny, however still was iffy but eventually she developed love for it too. Over the past couple weeks of having this thing we've managed to munch a lot of it apart so Momma took our original one out. We now (since we love so much to cuddle in Momma and Poppa's things) get old shirts for hammocks so we can keep munching away!

Momma took a picture for me to share. I think we look like JailRats, what do you think??

Monday, July 7, 2008

Meeting Suki!! :)

Okay so this blog is a long time coming! Momma helped us write some and then saved it. Little did she know at the time it would be a couple weeks before she was able to help us again so we're sorry this took so long! We're dating it the day we started it!

So as it says above, we have finally had the pleasure of meeting Suki, her parents Jen and Leo, as well as Aunties Jen(yes, there is another one!) and Kim. We bonded quickly to Auntie JenT and she warmed up to us pretty easily as well. Auntie Kim on the other hand is still a little nervous around us but she managed to get close enough to give our heads a scratch or two. She and Suki's mommy are a little creeped out by our tails. . . personally we think they're darn cute!

Okay now to the good stuff~ Meeting SUKI SUMO!

First Momma opened our door. As you can see we're huddled in the corner while Suki is sniffing around

Then she decided to introduce us one by one. I(Thelma) was the first taker and Suki anxiously awaited me to get closer.

I think she started to get nervous that I was going to munch some of her goodies but Momma had peas for Penny and me to gobble up.

Momma thinks this next picture is hilarious because Suki is obviously thinking, "What the heck are you doing??"

Then Momma coaxed Penny and I out of our home onto her lap (which typically doesn't take much) and Suki came close to make us feel welcome

Just two last pictures of each of us nose-to-nose with Suki:

A big thanks to Auntie Jen and Uncle Leo for letting us come over to meet Suki several days in a row and not being mad for leaving a couple pea shells behind!! We had tons of fun getting to know you!

(On a side note, everyone should ask Suki about the song that Poppa wrote for her!!)

Thanks for reading!

Love and Peas