Sunday, July 20, 2008


Thelma again!

Just wanting to tell you that Poppa is great!! He has been creating great setups for us to climb, crawl, hide, and come out for treats! It started when Momma brought a banana box home and he let us run around in that. He keeps mentioning all these great additions he is going to work on, but Poppa is a busy guy.

I tried the easy way out

Penny was trying to climb over the top

Remember, this box is just the beginning.... Stay tuned!

Love and Peas

Thelma (and the Pen-ster)


Suki Sumo said...

Sweet ratnasium! Mom wants to know if we can set up another play date next weekend?

wally said...

THat is one awesome toy!

I saw the picture of you visiting Suki--pawsome!


Clover said...

Oh I want a ratnasium too! Very cool. And the pictures of you meeting Suki are SOOOOO adorable! I am so jealous that you get to see my best friend in person!
Love Clover xo