Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blog Absense Excuse: Momma & Poppa Marry

Okay, things have been rather crazy. We've been helping Mom like mad getting ready for the wedding which happened on September 4). Dad took a second job to help pay for it (if you're interested you can read the adventures of working at a human novelty store at so we had been keeping Momma company in the evenings when she was home. Other nights Auntie JenPee, Auntie JenTea, and Auntie Kimber-ee had been helping her with the craziness that leads to do-it-yourself wedding projects. All the while we were curious if we were actually going to be able to attend the big event.

Unfortunatly Momma & Poppa didn't think that the reception venue would be too excited about having us "RODENTS" around the food. L-A-M-E. They just don't realize how awesome we are. Momma & Poppa filled us with all kinds of treats on the big day. This is what we missed, Dad Singing to Mom as she walked down the aisle:

They followed it up with allowing an adventure to Auntie Jane's house for over a WEEK to hang out and play while they went to Aruba. She took such good care of us, cuddled with us, and created a rat-nasium of all kinds of things. We were climbing, burrowing, and having fun cuddling with her. She didn't take any pictures so we can't really share all that much. Momma & Poppa said that Aruba was great but we think they would've had more fun playing with us.

More Later,
Thelma & PennyLane

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Suki Sumo said...

Hmm, I love you ladies but I am wondering why my mama has to be JenPEE instead of JenPEA like her favorite foodables? These are just the thoughts swimming in my tiny pug brain.