Monday, June 16, 2008

Thelma Joins the Family

Momma and Poppa had been talking for some time about adopting someone special like me to join the family... as my luck has it, I got to join the family on June 16th, 2008 :).

It was a crazy evening. I was a complete suprise to Momma and I know she fell in love with me the second she saw me. I was really nervous to meet her though so I decided to try to hide for a bit. It took me only a little while to feel at home. On my big day joining the family I had treats and a few toys to play with in my new home AND a little house to hide out in that I can munch on too! I also got to spend a lot of time on Momma's lap and cuddling. Poppa seemed unsure of how to act with me right away but I won him over pretty quickly too.

Here are some pictures:

Snackin on some peas

Hanging out and sniffin' around on Momma's lap:

This picture below is of me peeking out of the cool house I was talking about! Should I decide to have a little nibble, it won't even make me feel sick to my belly!

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Suki Sumo said...

That is so pawsome that you can eat your house! I'm glad your mom is helping you blog. When you and Penny get all settled in, we're going to have to have a girls night out!