Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eleanor Rigby

So Momma and Poppa were feeling down and my sadness wasn't helping. We all got up on Saturday morning missing PennyLane so very much but I was taking it very hard. I didn't have anyone to steal treats from, the hammock was empty, and the worst part: no long-tailed friend to cuddle with me. Total Bummer.

As a disclaimer from Momma & Poppa, it wasn't adoption therapy. From me: I practically begged them to help me find a new pal.

This is where Miss Eleanor Rigby joined our ranks. On January 9th, Eleanor was adopted by my pawrents. Here is my new three-month-young pal:

Here is where I get brutally honest about my new pal. She has all kinds of energy and apparently doesn't realize that this rat needs her beauty sleep. Lady just doesn't stay still! Every time we move slightly she's sniffing the air a bit more. I had to "give the look" more than once on Saturday AND today to get it across to mom that I just might kick her out. Okay, I love her and her energy and she's all kinds of youth-filled fun but this picture may speak volumes of my frustration. Just look at the pleasent smile on my face:

At least she stayed still for just a little while for Momma to take a couple pictures for me to post.

On two other exciting notes, Momma & Poppa had a talk with us today about:

1. They got us a RatManor. It should get here any day now and it's HUGE!
2. Momma & Poppa are going to adopt two little girls to join us. They're rescuing them so they don't have to go to a shelter.

Stay Tuned!

Love & Peas
Thelma (and Eleanor)

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C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Welcome Eleanor!! You are very cute! Can't wait to see your new manor and your two new buds.